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Crime Update

On Monday, June 22, 1998 at 1:45 a.m., twenty-year-old Boston University honor student, Meghan Birdsall, was found lying unconscious next to her bicycle on the service road at 1111 Commonwealth Ave. near the corner of Brighton Ave. She was returning from an errand at the Star Market when she was struck by a vehicle and found by a passer-by minutes later. The driver did not stop. Tire tracks from an oil spill could be seen leaving the scene. Meghan suffered from multiple injuries including severe head trauma and was taken to Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center where she remained in a coma for four days. She passed away from her injuries at about 10:14 p.m. on Thursday, June 25, 1998. An autopsy determined her injuries were the result of being hit by a motor vehicle.

To date the crime remains unsolved. Click here for an early news article.


In February, 2006, the Superior Court of Massachusetts, in a CIVIL suit, found Michael Tulloch liable in the death of Meghan Birdsall and awarded damages to the Birdsall family. Tulloch has filed for bankruptcy. A CRIMINAL investigation of the hit and run accident continues. Please contact us if you can offer any information that might forward this investigation.

YOU CAN HELP! The operator of the car may have been driving under the influence and/or may have fallen asleep at the wheel. There may have been damage caused by the accident and possibly undercarriage damage as the vehicle apparently went over a steep curb between Commonwealth Ave. and the service road. Police are asking anyone who may have seen or heard anything at the scene or observed unusual behavior involving a car or its driver elsewhere on that Monday morning to call the Boston police at the Crime Stoppers hotline 1-800-494-TIPS (8477).

A SIGNIFICANT REWARD has been posted for any information leading to the arrest and conviction of the hit-and-run driver. Meghan's family has appealed on radio and television to the driver, to other occupants of the car, and to friends and family of the driver who are aware of his or her involvement, to come forward to put the matter to rest.