January 25, 2002

Hi, I just wanted to let you know that it's been "killing"me ever since I heard of the death of Meg. She was a beautiful person with a lot of goals. It makes me sad that a person like this, so true and so full of life can just be gone in a matter of seconds. I would just like her family to know that, I am so sorry for everything. A person like herself does not deserve to die and especially in this manner. I have a lot of memories with her and my high school years and I would like to treasure them that way. I just wish it wasn't so true about "the good die young". I think of her often, even before this tragic event. I think of her in my prayers as well as her family, if there were only something all of us could do to bring her back. Mr. and Mrs. Birdsall, you brought up a beautiful, intelligent, outgoing daughter, please remember that. I know of a lot of ! people that only know of good things to say about her. Thank you for bringing her into this world. I will have you and her in my prayers.

Jaime DeVito

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