Meghan's Journal and Letters
Included among the letters that Debbie McWilliams received were a page from Meghan's Latin II class journal in her senior year of high school, and a letter she had written in her freshman year at Boston University to her former Latin II class teacher, Jim Crabb, who graciously provided them to us.

Meghan's Latin II Class Journal Entry

12/8 - I actually like learning about Greek Gods. It is sort of like a soap opera with all the love+hatred going around. Also I feel it important to study this because a lot of literature is based on those tales.

12/12 - We had a test today and I liked the new format. I liked how we had a choice for the translations of the stories. Normally, I lose all my pts on the translation section.

12/20 - I like playing Ceasar says and vocab games. It helps me understand the language better. Maybe we should play FLOOR SCRABBLE!

12/30 - I think you should do more extra-credit activities. I have begun to notice that you often don't put bonus aphorisms on our tests. I think you should always have bonus points b/c they help me a lot. Plus, we should be given x-tra-credit activities like the last marking period flashcards (but not flashcards)

Meghan's Letter to Jim Crabb's Latin III Class

           I'm sorry to say that I could only read a few sentences in your letter BUT nonetheless the letter was much appreciated. College is great but it is very, very cold & getting colder in Boston but I still like it here. Right now I'm takin an eng. class, core communications (my major), Archeology + computer science. I don't really like my classes all that much except com which I guess is all that matters if I'm going to get into advertising. You guys will all be proud of me b/c next semester I'm taking a Greek + Roman mythology english class. Hopefully all that time + effort I put into Latin Class will pay off! Oh studying Troy helped me out in my Arch. class, so Thanx Mr. Crabb! Anyway, I have a good amount of cool friends: my best friend is my roommate KATE...I can't believe I got so lucky and I met a nice boy ERIC who takes me out to dinner all the time...thank god b/c the cafeteria food is horrible. So there is no more Matt anymore (my old boyfriend). OH congratulations (I hope) on your marriage. If my memory is serving me right you were supposed to get married this summer to Patty! I hope it all turned out well. My sister is getting married in June + guess who's the maid of honor?! ME! So how is everyone doing in Latin? Shauna? How is everyone handling SATs + PSATs. Good luck - don't stress - there's no point. Make sure everyone watches the new Real World in the spring b/c it is being filmed really close to me - maybe you'll see me in the background! I'M trying to find out if they are having a party b/c if so, I'm there!

I'm not nor will I ever be in a sorority!!

           My hair is very short now + soon I'll probably be bald b/c I have this weird obsession w/ cutting my own hair (+ I'm not that good at it! - I'm missing a small chunk in the back!!) This summer I'll probably be in San Francisco for awhile b/c my roommate lives there ...I've always wanted to go to CA. I can't wait to be in the sun (drawing of sun)!

ENJOY LATIN CLASS b/c college is so different (the teachers don't pass Altoids!)

PLEASE send me an english translation!

           ?Meg Birdsall

P.S. how did you get my address?

P.P.S. If anyone wants to donate to the Meg Birdsall Fundation, feel free b/c I'm so broke! HAPPY THANKSGIVING

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