Dear Meg,
      It would be hard to put into words the impact with which both your life and your death had upon me. It's difficult, in retrospect, to think of all of the possible instances with which you touched my life. It is, however, very easy to remember certain occasions that had a great impact upon me. Remembering back to days of grade school when you, me, Jeremy, Alexis and Janelle hid in nervous curiosity behind the bricks of Essex Fells elementary school exchanging what would be our first kisses, innocent kisses on the lips, but our first kisses nonetheless. I can't say in confidence that any of the other members of that group will remember that day and what happened, but that unique day has remained etched upon my mind and will indefinitely. Further on, I remember our entrance into high school. John Boyd, Janelle, myself, my cousin Alex, Meg O'Brien, Dave Hartley, Ben Manney, Marion and Yourself (I think that's everyone). How nervous was I ... roaming the labyrinth of hallways of West Essex Junior High not knowing up from down or left from right. In that first year it was very tough for our crew (above mentioned) to find any sort of identity or solace. I do, however, remember the feeling I got when I spotted any one of our crew between class and how it made me feel. My mind would ease at a smile from you or Megan or Janelle, and would embrace a punch in the arm or kick in the butt from one of the guys. And although we may have not all realized it then, we did continue growing up together during high school because we had a deep rooted and finely aged bond, and without friends like you I can't know if I'd be the way I am now.
      Meg, my next memory of you is one of my favorites. As I'm sure you remember, midway through my freshman year I became somewhat sick. I was taken away from sports and kept home from school for a short while. Although my illness was not too severe, it still marks a tough time in my life for me. The funny thing about that time was that among all of my new and old ftiends, only you, Alexis, and Janelle visited me when I was stranded at home for those few weeks. You all had chipped in and given me a Polo Safari cologne and after shave gift. The funny thing about the gift was that I had pretty much no idea how or when to use cologne or after shave. Regardless, I embraced that visit and your phone calls more than you can imagine, you helped me through one of my toughest times and I thank you. Oh ... and if its any consolation, once I hit puberty I figured out what the cologne and after shave were for ... you guys were just a few years premature.
      Later that same year I also remember asking and taking you to the freshmen semi-formal. The thing that I remember most about it was how we ended up going together. It was early one weekend night and I and my cousin were sitting in my den talking to you on the phone about the semi-formal. When I was handed the phone I remember us both realizing that neither one of us had a date. Then it dawned on me ... why not ask Meg? Covering the phone, I briefly probed Alex for his affirmation. Then, as if I were making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, I calmly asked (in a jumbled freshman way) if you would like to go, and you simply said yes. You looked so beautiful that night. I distinctly remember all of my friends being jealous of me for having such a beautiful date. That night we partied in Saginaw's back yard and had a great time. I was so at ease that night with you at my side, and every time I walk into my house I see the picture of us on your front lawn all dressed up and a smile covers my face.
      I have so many great memories of you Megan. Seeing your face on the bus every morning and afternoon ... You and Janelle dying my hair different colors ... these memories comprise my best.
      Stepping into my car two summers ago upon returning from Europe I remember my parents telling me, of your death and the feeling that came about after that. Ironically, those feelings were not sad, but bittersweet. No sadness could ever cloud the smiles you've me, I would never let it happen. Instead I looked back to days of skinned knees and unbridled, careless, happiness... When nothing mattered but fun ... we were only kids. When I think about you Meg I smile because I remember you. I can't miss you because I can't fonget you. I miss those days Meg, as I'm sure you do. Fortunately they're locked away in place know one can touch, and what a beautiful place that is ... the place where you first existed for me and everyone else ... and will forever remain.
Talk to you soon... Love and Happiness

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