It is so incredibly difficult for me to pick out one single memory or story out of the millions of moments I spent with Meg. I feel like every moment I spent with Meg is its own separate story because each second was so special. I'm happy that it's so hard for me to think of one experience that embodies even one aspect of Meg because it means that there was so much to our friendship, and so much to Meg.
          I'm writing this as Christmas time, which is of course one of the hardest times to be dealing with the loss of such a great friend, and such an amazing person. It's also a time that holds such magical memories of Meg. Every Christmas we'd write each other wacky Christmas cards in attempt to out do each other in slifiness, and really just as an excuse to show our love for each other in a way that was so fitting to our friendship. The cards were just like we were every time we got together; they were silly and happy, and not quite your average Christmas greeting.
          Of course, most of what Meg did was far from average. I remember at my Christmas party last year, Meg was dressed in her always eye catching fashion. As the night wore on, and the egg-nog disappeared, Meg replaced my jazz with Madonna and started dancing. As we all know, Meg was no ordinary dancer. At her lead, the two of us transformed my kitchen into a disco, and stunned all my other guests with our smooth dance moves. It's a scene that I'll never forget - the two of us dancing with all of our energy and wackiness in the middle of my otherwise calm cocktail party. I loved her ttention-getting enorgy that radiated out of her every time she wanted to be in the spotlight. I can't think of anyone else more deserving or fit for the spotlight.
          While that memory stands out in my mind, it was really nothing more than any typical night with Meg. We could be driving to the video store to get a movie, and the two minute car ride would be the most fun event of the whole week. We could be watching MTV and suddenly we'd be making up a dance and unknowingly entertaining her parents who were watching through the window. We could be complaining about boys and burst out into laughter about how ridiculously self-righteous we were being. We could be lying in her bed until 2:00 o'clock when we finally felt like starting the day. We were always dancing and talking and laughing. Meg was amazing because she could make everything fun. She always had that contagious life and energy about her, (except of course in her bad moods, which I remember with as much fondness and vividness as her good moods.)
          I can't imagine missing anyone more than I miss Meg, but even that, I guess, is a blessing. I feel fortunate for having been so close with such a wonderful person for so long. She has always had such an affect on everything I do. Every wild, funny, crazy moment reminds me of her, and it makes me happy to know that so much of me stems from her. I know that everything I do began with two little girls who shared everything from secrets, to giggles, to tears, to each other. And for that, I feel lucky.

Alexis Silver

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