Meghan at age 15        Dressing up for Halloween with Meg was always something that I looked forward to. As sophomores, we were "Two Wild and Crazy Guys" (the characters created by Chevy Chase and Dan Akroyd on Saturday Night Live). We wore mismatched, loud, men's clothing, and we completed the look by applying fake chest hair and side bums with a gooey adhesive. Our costumes for our junior year were my favorite. Megcame up with the idea as we were watching the second hand travel around the clock in Mr. Caruso's AP History class. She made a cartoon doodle of the costume and accessories in a few seconds. Our goal was to look like we had come to take over the world from space in short skirts and silver go-go boots. We wore silver from head to toe-our hair was tinted silver, we wore glitter on our faces, and we had silver skirts (complements of Mrs. Birdsall's time and talents). Carrie Chillemi also dressed up with us that year. We had to meet each other by 6:30 AM so that we would have enough time to get ready before school. As seniors, we went with a more innocent theme, Strawberry Shortcake and Blueberry Muffin. Again, Meg designed our costumes and Mrs. Birdsall graciously offered her talents as a seamstress. Meg had painted our aprons and hats, and we wore blue and red wigs.
       I could always be certain that Meg would come up with an unusual idea and a clever way to put the costumes together. Our costumes were only one of the many examples of her ingenuity. In everything she did, the unique sparkle of her personality was expressed through her creative flair. Describing our costumes does not amply reflect the feeling that I get when I think about the times that I shared with Meg. She was spontaneous, bright, caring, and had a great sense of style. She laughed a lot and was always fun to be with. Meg was a true friend, in every sense of the word, and I cherish my memories of her.

Lynze Szabo

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