Dear Mr. And Mrs. Birdsall,

        I am writing this letter to share with you some of my special memories of Meg since Ym sure she didn't have the time to tell you about all the friends she had and why each one was special to her its my pleasure to share with you the Meg I knew. I knew Meg since grammar school being that I grew up in Roseland and Essex Fells went to a lot of the same functions I saw her a lot. I didn't become close with Meg until high school but had classes with her throughout junior high. All of our friends in high school used to get together and hang out at Adam Mustafas' house. It was usually Meg, Janelle Barnes, Lynze Szabo, Mimi Yoo, and my best friend Dana Pannullo who would always be together and Adam would have his friends such as Mike Billings, Mike Catenzaro, Vic Lappostato, and Chris Mills who we were all close with too throughout high school. We would have so much fun. I remember Meg had the cutest laugh that matched her cute face and personality perfectly, One day Dana called her Peaches and the nickname just stuck we called her that for the longest time and we all had goofy names for each other. We would go dancing a lot with the gang and Would meet up with Jaycee Gossett and her friends and Peter Tuminelli and his friends I'm sure you have lots of pictures of us all dressed up in her photo albums since Meg and I were always the ones taking the pictures, There would be like 20 of us who got together to go out and it was so much fun. Meg was always a good girl and was always conscious of the time and made sure all her homework was done before we went out. I always admired how smart and well adjusted she was but at the same time made time for having fun with her friends. The nicest thing she ever did for me was in my Senior year. My mother needed a liver transplant and I was really depressed, My ftiends would sleep over a lot to keep me company since the only other person home was my grandfather. One day Meg picked me up and brought me to this store where a lady was giving away a beautiful white cat and Meg thought it would be tile perfect thing to cheer me up and keep me company. We brought it home and it did take my mind off things. Meg was always the one to try and make her friends feel better. I remember whenever we were in the car together we would always play either old Blondie songs or songs by Dee-Lite. We would turn the music up and sing since we both knew all the words. Meg, Janelle Barnes and I would go shopping a lot since we wore the same styles then and I remember so many sleep overs with them at my house just goofing around and having fun. By graduation though everything changed, my mother was recovering and I moved away. Everyone else drifted apart and either moved or went away to college. I would hear how happy Meg was and how well she was doing in school but never directly spoke to her since we both had so much going on. When I heard about the tragedy it was from someone who didn't know I was friends with her so I didn't believe it until I received a message from Lynze who I hadn't heard from in a while either. I wished I had stayed in closer contact with her and this brought my friends and I in closer contact because you never know when someone you love will just slip from your life. I visit Megs grave a lot but I don't stay long because I know she wouldn't want me to be upset over her. I know she has given me strength the past few months when my mom became sick again because whenever I would go the the cemetery feeling bad about stuff I felt like she was giving me some of her strength to get up and deal with the bad things that happened in my life and move on. Mr. And Mrs. Birdsall your daughter was an incredible person and I know she is with all of us still. When I visit her or look at pictures it makes me happy to think about all the good times and fun we had. When I feel angry about what has happened I tell myself that she is in a better place and is an angel now watching over all of us. Love always, Janelle Liparulo

Love always,
Janelle Liparulo

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