Dear Mrs. McWilliams,
       I had known Meg since I was three-years old. I'd never really realized that since we went to different elementary schools and lived in different towns. But now, as I think back, I actually shared a lot of times with her. When we were 3-4, we both went to dancing school on Freeman Street in Roseland. Our teacher's name was Miss Pat. The lessons were held in the Presbyterian Church in a gymnasium. One day I particularly remember when we were getting ready to leave for the day. We were all sitting on the stage putting our shoes on, and Meg was able to tie up her sneakers all by herself! All of the other children and myself were so amazed! That night I went home and asked my mom to teach me how to tie my shoes. She sat me down on the couch and I learned that night.
       Another memory I have of Meg was when we were on Roseland Recreation Softball in the 7th grade. Meg was always such a good athlete and made everything look so graceful and easy. We nicknamed our team the "Rambettes" and used to role up our sleeves in an attempt to look tough. One day we were all talking (probably when we should have been paying attention to the game!) and we decided that Meg looked like her name should be Ruthie. We said she had that innocent little farm girl look, and the name stuck. We called her Ruthie all year. We made up names for mostly everyone else too (they said I looked like my name should be Lucy.) I looked back at my yearbook and Meg had written out her message to Lucy and signed it Ruthie.
       One other very distinct memory I have of Meg was from playing field hockey with her for 5 years. Meg was one of the best field hockey players I ever saw in high school. She was always so poised and calm when she had the ball and always knew exactly what to do with it. Sophomore year, we were practicing on the football field the day before our big game against our rivals, Shawnee. They were from southern New Jersey, but we always played them because we were both the top teams in the state. During practice Meg got hit in the chin and ended up getting stiches. I remember how nervous I was that she wasn't going to be able to play the next day. She was a starter at left midfield and we really needed her. But the next day she showed up with a huge bandage on her chin and helped us beat Shawnee 2-1. I remember how well whe played despite her injury. All in all, I think Meg was one of the coolest people I have ever known. She was very honest and genuine and could always make me laugh. She always knew the value of life and lived it to the fullest. Although I hadn't really seen much of Meg since high school, I really miss knowing that she's around. I hope these memories help paint the picture of the kind of person I thought Meg was.
                    Courtney Kaczynski

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