Memories of Meg

Meg was a transformer. She had the umique capacity to transform a relationship and any event or experience into a wonderful adventure. She had such a fabulous, inventive imagination and was willing to expend her energy to help enrich the lives of others. I remember when she and Lynze renovated and redecorated Lynze's bedroom. With a small amount of cash and Meg's input, the transformation began. The springs and the mattress went on the floor, the canopy went up over the light, and the throw pillows, candles, and beaded light shades appeared --- and, A yes, the incense. There were no finishing touches left undone when they were through, ...giggling, and laughing the whole time. When I describe the final product, the words embellished, flamboyant, gaudy, gay, flashy, ficky- tacky, beaded, beautiful, delightful, adorned, bespangled, ornate, elegant, chic, and flowery come to mind. Meg was all these things and so much more.
How could you not love her? She was such a special angel. I'm sure she's redecorating heaven and having costume contests with the rest of the angels, now. I rmiss her and stop often to talk to her. I have asked her to be Lynze's guardian angel. I believe she will honor this request and find a way to let us know she's putting her energy and special touch on this mission, just as she did to the many lives she affected and enriched while she was with us.

Joan Szabo

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