My First and Fondest Memories of My Beloved Friend
Kirsten Cavallo
West Essex Class of 1996

I was anxious as I entered West Essex Junior High,
With so many new faces simply saying hello and goodbye.

But one of those faces still rings true,
The beautiful smile on her face never seemed blue.

Meg is her name,
And after one conversation an instant friend she became.

We shared a tight bond on the field hockey field,
And with any junior high "secret" her mouth was sealed.

There is a special place Meg and I ventured to together,
It was at Stone Harbor that we enjoyed the beautiful weather.

We would hang out on the beach both day and all hours of the night,
Always the last ones in the house to turn off the bedroom light.

Steve Miller Band was the radio's constant tune,
It was this amazing summer that Meg had a special moment under the beautiful, bright moon.

I will never forget the look of Bliss,
On a face who had experienced her First KISS!

Instantly Meg thought it was cool,
Although later she realized the surfer dude was a "tool".

We also went power sailing way up in the sky,
Now, as I look up above I know we could never truly say goodbye.

I thank God everyday,
For the wonderful memories of Meg that are definitely here to stay...

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