Dear Mrs. McWilliams:
Below I have described some of my memories of Meg. I hope that they will add something to the "Journal".

Most of my memories of Meg are from growing up together at Essex Fells Elementary school. After that, we both went to different schools and besides summers at Fellsbrook, we did not spend much time together until a few years ago during the summer of '95 when she begain dating my good friend Matt. This relationship began, actually, through myself and Alexis introducing them at Fellsbrook, where we all spent a lot of time that summer.

Looking back on my time spent with Meg, I find that some things about her seemed to have not changed since the days of grade school. I will always remember her as being a strong person, someone who doesn't take any shit (excuse my language) from anyone. And back in elementary school I always dishing it out, especially to the girls. I remember one incident in particular when Meg slapped me hard across the face because she apparently found something I said to be rude. We were about ten years old at that point. Eight years later, Meg and I were arguing outside on my patio and again found what I had to say to be deserving of her hand across my face. Luckily for me, this time she missed probably due to all the beer we had been drinking. Instead she knocked a bottle which smashed on the ground. Later on we laughed about the incident.

I am very happy to have spent part of my life with Meg. I will always remember her as a strong, beautiful person.

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