Dear Mrs. McWilliams,
I know it's after March 1st but I was hoping you could include this in the memory book. Please contact me if there will be copies of the memory book for fellow classmates that want to share the memories. I know this may be a little early, but I was hoping to be able to remember Meg in our high school reunions. Please have Meg's family contact me if there are any questions. Again, I apologize for being late. I would really appreciate it if you could send me an email message to confirm that you received this message. Thank you.

Meg and I were friends, not very close but she was a very special girl. I have two memories that stand out in my mind. Meg and I worked together at Harmon's one summer. It was a tedious job but a lot of kids our age worked there and we always had a good time. I just remember Meg, Vanessa (McCabe), Dave (Salerno) and I "hanging out" waiting for the store to open. We would always get Dunkin' Donuts before work. Meg and I were also in a lot of classes together. We shared "study" in which we would all sit around on the leather couches and chat or do work. She was a bright, sweet girl that made us all laugh. In April of our senior year of high school, we went to England and Ireland. Lots of great memories were made on this trip. I remember going to the Rock and Roll wax museum and listening and dancing to all the wonderful rock stars.

I just basically wanted to relive Meg's spirit and let her family know how sweet a person Meg was. She was also bright and happy, a beautiful both inside and out. Meg touched everyone she knew. She is deeply missed and my prayers go out to both her family and Meg in heaven.

Carolyn M. Yankowski

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