I attended West Essex High School with Megan. We called her Peach because she was so cute, fresh looking, perky and funny. She was also refined and caring and never had an unkind word to say about anybody. If someone was confused and needed help with their homework, or just wanted to talk, she was there. Mornings, she was the one person who would be able to bring a smile to our faces by just walking up to the table we were sitting at.
       I was away, on vacation when I received the word of Megan's passing. When I called home, my grandmother was upset about an article she had just read in the newspaper, and asked if I knew Megan Birdsall, it stated that she had graduated from West Essex. I was shocked and extremely saddened. I returned home as soon as I could, only to find out that the article in the newspaper wasn't accurate. I was too late. I was devastated. I never had a chance to say good-bye to this sweet, lovely, wonderful young lady, whom I had nothing but admiration for. Megan, one of my dearest friends.
       Meg and I used to have so much fun when we went out. She was so down to earth and it was so easy to have a good time when she was around. She's the girl I had the most fun with in High School. As I'm writing this I'm finding it very difficult because I keep picturing her. I feel sad; yet, thoughts of her still put a smile on my face. Megan had a good spirit. She was truly an angel on earth. I miss her very much and will never forget her. I can picture her up there in heaven amongst all the other angels.
       I'm very pleased for this opportunity to pay tribute to my dear friend Megan. It's also brought closure to my unfulfilled feeling of not being able to say my good-byes. I think of her often. She knows that I will never forget her.
       To Mr. & Mrs. Birdsall: Rest assured that your daughter was loved very much by everyone who knew her. She was very special. I mean that with all my heart. For God made her and never made another.

My Thoughts, Prayers, and Love,
Nicholas Pentz

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