Dear Mrs. McWilliams,
I'm sorry that I waited until the last minute to write this-I hope it's not too late. It's still very difficult to think of these things. Thank you for doing this for Mrs. Birdsall. This is very thoughtful of you.

Sincerely, Janelle Barnes

Meg Memory

Meg always found a way to make me smile. One time Michael Macon, Meg, and I were at my house and didn't know what to do. Meg would not stand for boredom, so she decided that we should paint faces on our chins. (When Meg came up with a plan, it was hard to resist her even if it was a little out of the ordinary.) Anyway, Meg whipped out her black liquid eyeliner, and her and Michael preceded to to draw faces on their chins. (You have to draw a face upside down on your chin with just eyes and a nose, and then , turn upside down and start talking-it's really funny looking).
Meg didn't think twice about looking silly as long as it was fun, but I was a little hesitant to do it. Of course, Meg finally convinced me to just do it. I must have looked very ridiculous because Michael and Meg couldn't stop laughing at me. We had such a good time that night because of one of Meg's ideas.
Meg had amazing enthusiasm and youthfulness that was contagious. She made people want to be around her because of this. She always came up with creative things to do even if they were a little silly at times. I'll always remember her with a smile on her adorable, pixie-like face because she could always find a way to make me smile.

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