Hi guys!

Sorry this is late. I am not sure if you are finished with the book or not but I figured it is better late than never. I hope you are all doing well and are excited for the spring. I can't wait. We just got a ton of snow in Vermont. It looks beautiful, but I would give just about anything for a warm and sunny day!

Tell everyone I said hello. Hopefully I will see you all soon.

Love, Annetta


Meg was a central part of my childhood. Before the days of boys and make-up, Meg and I would hang out in the Fellsbrook warm-up hut with our Sesame Street figures or our bags full of barbies. If we weren't playing dolls, we were skating on the pond or pretending we were our mothers drinking "tea." (Our tea consisted of hot water and non-dairy creamer from the supply in the warm-up hut.)

In the summer, we would congregate at Fellsbrook again to play If "where-here" and prune in the pool. Tennis was something our parents always wanted us to play. I think we spent more time giggling as we missed the ball then we did actually hitting anything. We could never settle down. Meg, Alexis, Kathy Kaim, and I used to walk through the brook at Fellsbrook just to feel the squish of the mud between our toes. We swam together, skated together, played tennis and played Sesame Street, barbies and American girl dolls together.

As we grew older we lost touch a lot, but Meg was the sort of person that made it easy to pick up where we left off. She was always a friend of mine no matter how far away we were or how long it had been since we had last seen each other. I will always miss her.

Love always,
Annetta Benedict

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