"Memories of Meg"

Without a doubt, there are certain things in your life that you never forget, such as your first love, the birth of your child, and your wedding day. For a teacher this includes your first year of teaching. 1995 was, of course, my first year, and my Latin II class was certainly the most memorable of all my classes that year. I don't think that I will ever encounter a group of students so bright, so impish, and so motivated.

Meg was a cherished member of this wonderful group. Meg was a joy to have in class. Her enthusiasm for school was unparalleled. She enjoyed learning, but most of all, she enjoyed learning with her friends. Along with this letter, I have included some pictures taken at the Washington School in West Caldwell. Most of Meg's Latin II class put on a mythological fashion show for an after school Latin program at Washington. Meg along with Allison Freda and Amanda PraSisto, dressed up as Gorgons.

My last memory of Meg occurred a couple of summers ago. I was taking a DeCamp bus into New York City from Montclair. Much to my surprise, I discovered that Meg was on the very same bus. What a wonderful coincidence. I was able to spend about forty minutes catching up with her. She was telling me how much she enjoyed Boston University.

I have enclosed two samples of Meg's writing. I personally think they capture her spirit and joie de vivre. The first are journal entries from the last marking period of her senior year. The second, my favorite, is a letter that she wrote to the Latin III (formerly her Latin II class) during her freshman year at BU.

Meg has left an indelible mark upon my memory. I will miss Meg very much and I will never forget her smiling face.

Jim Crabb

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