Meg had flair. Even back in grammar school she had great style. I have lots of memories of time spent with Meg. This is one of my favorites. It takes place in 1989/90. Meg was a big sixth grader and I was a lowly 5th grader. She was pretty, she was "cool" and most of all she was kind. She and Alexis always treated me like an equal even though they were a year older. We spent many hours just hanging around and chatting.

A great deal of time was spent talking about their up coming graduation and what they would be wearing. I still can vividly remember their graduation day. I was there because of Tim but I really was more interested in what the girls were wearing because I had to start planning for mine the following year. Meg looked beautiful. I remember thinking how much I couldn't wait for my graduation just so I could get to dress up and look like her - but where would I find those shoes? She was wearing heels!!!!. At that age wearing heels was a big deal - even if they were only an inch high. I remember asking Meg where she got them because I had to get myself a pair for when I graduated. My mom reminds me that all I talked about for months was those shoes and how I had to find a pair. I don't remember exactly when it was that Meg came by, but one day she was in my room handing me her shoes. It was one of the nicest things anyone had done for me. I know she hadn't even had time to grow out them. I was so excited I just walked around my house in the heels daily and I did wear them for graduation. I wish I had saved those shoes.

Meg was beautiful, Meg was kind, Meg was my friend. Love~ Carleigh

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